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And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part XII Twelve Drummers Drumming

Today we reach the culmination of the Twelve Days of Christmas with the arrival of the twelve drummers drumming.  It’s been a crazy few days but we hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Partridge, his merry party and the little hidden moral that negativity can sometimes freeze us to the spot and inhibit full enjoyment of life, whereby an open heart will help move us on in life to open opportunities gateway!  The full poem is available here

But safe to say, all is not lost
As one by one returns
The turtle doves and three French Hens
And calling birds in turns

Arrive with swans and geese and maids
Together with the rest
To party with the Partridge now
With fun that is so blessed

And in their turn the drummers come
A drumming on their way
To wish all there a great new year
With greetings every day


A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part XI Eleven Pipers Piping

Day Eleven and nearly at the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas, Partridge’s behaviour is challenged.  To read the full poem click here

And with a sigh he bows his head
To breath in peace and calm
But in a second silence breaks
The distant piper’s charm

For bagpipes playing noisily
With customary skirl
Comes through the ether to his ears
Beset him as a churl

“Clear off – I said,” he shouts at them
“I’m done in can’t you see”
“My feet are froze, my wings are clipped
I’m stuck here in this tree”

“Oh don’t be like that Partridge,” says
The Pipers piping through
“You far too frosty for your good
Just stop and look at you”

“Now Partridge stop and find your charm
Warm up and find your smile
And see you’re not quite so affixed
To tree across the mile”

And with some swag of Partridge wild
He grimaces to try
To see if he can budge himself
And come down from on high

And strangely, with a shiver first
He finds that he can move
And lands in garden by pipers pipe
The Partridge quite improved

“Oh my,” he says, “I feel a fool
For shouting at each one
For now I want to party more
Until this day is done”

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part X Ten Lords A Leaping

Apologies to anyone who received my Reset Parenting post earlier by mistake on Frost Free Parenting – I uploaded to the wrong blog!  Here on Ginz & Tonic we now reach day ten of the Twelve Days of Christmas and the Partridge is at the end of his wick!  For the full poem click here 

Then leaping in come ten dear Lords
A flirting with the girls
To dance the hip hop style they know
And hang off all their pearls

The lords a leaping in the yard
O’er flowers and plants and shrubs
To jump up high and celebrate
Like frogs right over tubs

And in their path the swans and geese
French hens and turtle doves
Mix with the ladies and the maid
Whilst Partridge puts on gloves

For if he cannot rational
With all these folk who dance
He’s going to lose his rag and fight
And take a boxing chance

That he can stop this nonsense now
For they must all depart
So that he can attest his state
To heal his angered heart

“For Lords-a-leaping!  Give me strength”
Protests the Partridge voice
“I ask you all to leave at once
You heard – that is my choice!”

And very slowly one by one
They go to leave him be
All birds and folk set out at once
Til Partridge is lonely

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part IX Nine Ladies Dancing

Day Nine in our Twelve Part meander through the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Partridge is really fed up now – he’s no party creature and isn’t impressed!  But who turns up next to jolly antics in “his” garden?  For the whole poem click here

Then with aghast he looks again
And there he thinks he spies
Some ladies who have come to join
The party in disguise

For in their heads are feathers and
Some masks across their face
The ladies who are dancing too
With birds – what a disgrace!

They dance about the garden and
The patio it’s true
Some dressed in pink and some in red
And other’s draped in blue

They practice all the party tunes
And sing out loud as well
The ladies dancing happily
For all think this is swell

A Christmas party picking up
That’s going with a swing
There’s quite a crowd of fowl and fair
That’s really quite startling

But who should care just what they do
For all are having fun
Well all except the old partridge
Who thinks his days are done


And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part VIII Eight Maids A Milking

Day 8 and the party’s in full swing.  But who is going to turn up now to irritate poor old Partridge!  Don’t forget you can click here to read the whole poem that’s been building up for The Twelve Days of Christmas!

But all at once a flusters heard
As humans come to see
What racket is occurring in
The garden and the tree

Eight maids a milking turn up first
With cows presumably
And start to churn out shakes to drink
For all eternally

“Who wants a milkshake” they do say
With added cream you see
“For we are maids-a-milking with
Such drinks for you and me”

The calling birds and turtle doves
Say “Ta, that’s very kind”
And ask if they could also make
Milkshakes with the fruit rind

As for geese and three French hens
They queue for more and more
Although watch there’s kafuffle
With swans who aren’t so sure

And so all birds are rather pleased
Well all birds bar the one
“Oh why can’t they just disappear”
Says Partridge “It’s so wrong!”

He hangs his head in misery
And wonders why oh why
His feet are frozen on the branch
He’s stuck and cannot fly

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part VII

But frozen to his Christmas tree
The Partridge fails to move
As swans-a-swimming then arrive
To join the festive groove

The swans-a-swimming bring with them
A hot tub – pure delight
A hot tub and a beak box there
Oh my!  That’s quite a sight!

They fill it up and climb on in
To swim around the lawn
All birds of flock now having fun
Though Partridge is forlorn

“How can it be?” he says out loud
“I sit here in my tree
And all I ask is for some calm
And some tranquillity”

But now the word has spread afar
With tweets on twitter too
That partridge and his merry flock
Are hosting quite a do

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part VI Six Geese A Laying

We now reach day six in our poetic sequel of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  To read the whole poem to date please click here

Then in the midst of tolling bells
More merry folk appear
The geese come in a laying eggs
A-gaggling with good cheer

They come to join the party with
The hens and turtle dove
“Oh give me space” the partridge shouts
Still grumpy from above

They gather in the garden with
Beat box upon the wall
And join the Christmas gathering
To dance and have a ball

“Can we join in?” the hens cluck out
“And us” say calling birds
“Let’s boogie through the night” say doves
Says Partridge “How absurd”

But geese just in their jolly way
Hiss out with joy and glee
“Oh come on now, you grumpy bird
Come down and let’s party!”