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Hope Springs Eternal


The Snow Bride

Harbinger of Winter (A Haiku)

Winter’s Kiss

Winter arrived
Littering the landscape
In a delicate dusting of desiccated coconut
That smooched innocently with nature
A lacklustre covering of snow
Yet still beautiful
Powdering the world in sifted icing
As she kissed the Earth
In a spectacle to behold



The Snow Bride

Under the light of frosty moon
A bride in whitened gown
Spread forth her train; her robes so pure
In silence cross the town

Enveloping the landscape
In a wake of crystal hue
In hushed progression sought her groom
Snowed blanket left on view

By stealth she crept from door to door
Cross every leafy lane
Spread out across each grassy lawn
Searching her love in vain

On branches; steps; on pavements too
She left a trail so white
The pathway of this bride seeking
Her lover out that night

But in the morn when sun awoke
She melted right away
Leaving her tears in pools of ice
Jilted in light of day

And frosted to each blade of grass
Her spirit set apart
The remnants of her bridal train
And snow dropped broken heart


Winter Sheep (Haiku)

Sheep in frosty field
In camouflage with winter
Season of whiteness

English: Sheep in a Frosty Field Unusually for...

English: Sheep in a Frosty Field Unusually for sheep the three in the foreground stared at me rather than running away. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snow Flakes

With stealth and efficaciousness
Enveloping the world in a silent snowy blanket
The translucent flakes embellish the facade of the Earth
Displaying the beauty of crystallized magnificence
That at daybreak blends into a winter wonderland.
Iced fingers extend from the roof tops
And frosted leaves line the branches of the glacial trees.
Visions avail of glistening lakes and hiemal fields and vales,
And the landscape transforms into one of arctic radiance and polar splendour.