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What are your secrets?
What are your lies?
Who are you hiding from?
Why the disguise?

What mask are you wearing?
What skeletons prowl
What deeds are uncovered
What deceit lingers foul

What fear holds you hostage
What good does it do?
What emotional shackles
Deplete the confident you?



Let The Truth Be Out

Tell it to me straight
Or don’t tell me at all,
But don’t try and bluff
For falsehoods lead to a fall.

And the perils and the dangers
Of telling me a lie,
Will come back to haunt you
That I will not deny.

For truth and integrity
Are to what I subscribe,
And anything else,
I simply will not imbibe!

And elaborate stories
However, they are sold
Manifest in fables of sadness
And misfortunes foretold.

So tell it to me straight
Or don’t tell me at all
Be transparent and clear
And honesty will reign standing tall.