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Monty and Kitten Christmas Capers


He thought he’d be a shining star
Of bright and brilliant light
A ball of silvered ‘tabbiness’
That dark Christmas Eve night
And have some fun for after all
What trouble could unfold?
If he played with those glistening things
Forget what he’d been told

And so he climbed the Christmas tree
And pounced from branch to branch
He chased the tinsel round and round
And took no second chance
In pulling each and every light
Each bauble and snowflake
Onto the floor to catch each one
In playful big mistake

Then all at once he heard a crash
A puff of smoke and coal
Emerge from down the chimney stack
Where fire had been near hole
And there a man in red stood huge
With ruddied cheek and nose
And white long beard drape past his tum
Reaching down to his toes

“Well deary me” he said out loud
“What a fine mess you’ve made
Where should I leave this bag of things?
You’ve rained on my parade!
You naughty little kitten – well!
What are we gonna do
I’m all confused now – quite perplexed
And really in a stew”

“For I’m supposed to leave these gifts
Neath the bright lit up tree
But you’ve destroyed it well and good
Oh woe – oh woe is me!
For I’ve no time to fix this mess
With all the world to greet
This Christmas Eve – dear kitty-cat
It’s really quite a feat”

And Monty sat there all abashed
With tail dropped very low
Surveying all the chaos for
He’d really wrecked the show!
As Santa sat in floods of tears
In sheer despondency
That he would not be able to
Leave presents ‘neath the tree

But in instant; in a flash
Into the hearth appeared
An angel dressed in fairy wings
Uttering ‘Merlin’s beard!’
‘What’s going on here?” She  inquired
“Come Santa eat this pie
And sip your brandy – my old chum
There is no need to cry”

She summoned up a host of help
With magic fairy dew
And in seconds all the mess was gone
As tree looked just like new
And Santa smiled, the Angel winked
As kitten lapped the cream
Thinking that when he woke next day
This would be all a dream

And so next morning as sun rose
And church bells peeled in sky
The children ran down to the lounge
Excitement running high
To see if Santa had been there
Had left them gifts and more
Neath Christmas tree with Yuletide joy
All scattered on the floor

And just as hoped near festive hearth
With carols ringing out
The children’s hopes and dreams came true
As presents lay about
And midst them in their very depths
Dear Monty woke as well
With speck of cream dried on his nose
But not a soul he’d tell!



Winter Sheep

Sheep frozen in the field
In garb of frosted blankets
Atop pensive stilts
Standing in chilled silence
Waiting for Christmas Angels
And a shepherd
To guide them home



Mr Redbreast

Little Robin Red Breast
Sitting in a tree
With black diamonds for his eyes
Peeking out at you and me
Thinking soon it will be Christmas
The season he gets fame
Yet no-one ever stops to think
And ask of his real name

For in fact he’s not called Robin
But to be honest prefers best
The name of Jim or Tom or Rob
Or just Mr Redbreast
Anything bar Robin
He flutters and he tweets
For Lord or Earl, Sir or Count
Would really be quite neat

And so as yuletide happens
And bright red chested bird
Frequents your cards and trinkets please
Doff cap as is preferred
And nod to Mr Redbreast
Be him called Rob or Jim
Or Tom or Ray or Bill or Ben
And raise your glass to him



© Francis C. Franklin / CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Family Christmas

Hoping one and all have had a Happy Christmas and sending best wishes for the New Year:

I asked for Scotch this Christmas
A wee dram just for me
To sip at leisure Christmas Day
In festive company
Whilst kids around the fireplace
Played with their brand new toys
The Mrs scorched the turkey
And got a bit annoyed

Aunt Ethel turned up smiling
At all who past her by
And Uncle Fred, her other half
With twinkle in his eye
Told tales of how it had been
Back in the good old days
With booming voice announcing that “Those kids are spoilt today”

So teens became disgruntled
With heads down in their phones
Not speaking much bar the odd grunt
That said ‘Leave us alone’
And Grandma started nagging
At Grandad, bless his soul
Who simply wanted a quiet life
Not fetch the bloomin’ coal

But round the Christmas table
As crackers burst and popped
Most were so merry and too full
To see our sister drop
The clanger of the season
That caused brother to go
Upsetting him with poor timed joke
That battered his ego

Less then when after dinner
Past Queen on the TV
Monopoly came out again
For rounds of rivalry
And so the Christmas spirit
Became a festive fight
That doubtless all will soon forget
And say was a delight

Cos families and Christmas
Are like water and wine
In essence both just opposites
But somehow still align
For jolly is the season
And that’s what it shall be
But now perhaps you’ll see why I
Asked for some good whiskey!

Heaven’s Gift

On Christmas day in barn so bare
Beneath a starlit sky
From manager in a cattle shed
A babe was heard to cry
His first sweet breaths; his tender plea
That soon would be heard wide
Yet first reached out to mother’s heart
To be there by his side

An infant who depended on
The warmth and love she shared
To nurture and protect him as
An angel with such care
Where wings wrapped closely round him and
Her halo gently glowed
To comfort him the way Mums do
With so much grace bestowed

And there without even a bed
Nor anything at all
The Christ child lay wrapped up in just
A cloth; a swaddling shawl
With nothing bar the love of those
In whom their arms he lay
No trappings and no Christmas lights
But simple modest hay

And so if there’s a message to
Take from this humble start
Is that each child can grow to be
Reflections of the hearts
And minds of those who care
Without riches galore
For children are but heaven’s gift
For us to all adore

And each arrives with nothing bar
The wish to be so loved
Wrapped up in hope and peace and trust
That’s handed from above
And so for Christmas every year
Be sure to thus impart
The gift of unconditional love
That flows out of your heart

The Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus, Saint Ber...

The Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, and Saint Prosper of Reggio, 16th century. Reggio Emilia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If It Happened Today: A Modern Nativity

I hear there is a census
And all folk should return
Unto the town where they were born
Which is of some concern
As sure enough the traffic
Is getting quite heavy
Particularly in South London
Just near to the M3

For there in middle carriageway
A donkey has been seen
With pregnant woman riding it
Next to a man in green
Who’s said to be a Chippy
Unmarried too they say
And out of work on benefits
Well that’s the claim today!

For so the rumour has it
They’ve travelled from Ascot
And she’s due any minute
To give birth to the tot
Who some are calling special
Saying he’ll be the next king
But if he is then MI6
Will have to do their thing

For Britain has a monarchy
And there is just no place
For an imposter to come in
Take-over or replace
The Queen and the Prime Minister
For that would just not do
Yet certain things are scaring folk
Up in Westminster too!

Reports say there’s an angel
In skies right near Heathrow
Causing quite a commotion
And blocking radar so
And word from Jodrell bank is there’s
A star they’ve never seen
That’s burning in the north so bright
Just where the woman’s been!

So the police are sat in waiting
Amidst these threats and fears
As this young mum is turning heads
As her birth draws so near
And the country is on red alert
To keep a watchful eye
Increasing their surveillance with
The army on standby

For facts are pure and simple
No-one should make these claims
Unless their mad or really bad
Or looking for some fame
And so as Mum on donkey
Heads into London town
The powers that be are on the case
To protect the Royal crown!

Bethlehem 1898. Description given at the sourc...

Bethlehem 1898. Description given at the source: “No Room at the Inn (…) photograph of a man and woman with Donkey entering Bethlehem. It was created in 1898. The photograph is reminiscent of Mary and Joseph.” (text from same source) Note: As the source shows a number of 1898 pictures “reminiscent” of the biblical story in and around Bethlehem (featuring a couple, a donkey, sometimes a baby etc.) it seems likely that at least some of the pictures were staged. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rudolf’s In Such Trouble

Rudolf’s in such trouble
He’s been so very bad
He took a sleigh out by himself
And now Santa’s real sad

He thought he’d have a jolly
A little bit of fun
For it is said an Elf dared him
To go out for a run

They’d had their Christmas party
And all had gone to bed
Bar Rudolf and the naughty Elf
Who went outside instead!

They both were a bit tipsy
From all the Christmas punch
So thought they’d hop aboard the sleigh
Said they’d be back for lunch

But then disaster happened
For out near the North Pole
They crashed the sleigh and wrecked it
As they lost all control

And so shamefaced they walked back
To Santa who was cross
Who sent them to their quarters
With nowt but reindeer moss

For he was very angry
Disappointed and dismayed
That Rudolf could have been so bad
Why on earth had he strayed?

So Santa sat and thought long
He ummed and he then arghed
For driving drunk the famous sleigh
Meant he must now be hard

He loved Rudolf so dearly
But he had gone too far
For he had risked the Christmas Flight
Round world past Northern Star

He’d put all children’s wishes
On hold just for a dare
And Santa knew his punishment
Must match the crime; be fair

And so he summoned Rudolf
To go before his court
Where sentence was then handed down
Leaving Rudolf distraught

For he was told his actions
Had been so very poor
That he would not be on the Sleigh
That Christmastime for sure

Oh Rudolf wailed and wobbled
His bottom lip and cried
Why had he been so silly
To have this ride denied

But despite his protestations
The court would not be moved
For Rudolf had to stay at home
Until he had improved

And so on Christmas Eve
He’ll not be out that night
Drawing Santa upon his Sleigh
With red nose shining bright

Instead he’ll have to stay at home
His Christmas fun deprived
For it is not acceptable
To ever drink and drive!

By Jon Nickles (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Jon Nickles (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons