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At The Heart Of Every Nation

At the heart of every nation
Are those who really care
Those folk who go the extra mile
To be, to do, to share
Those people who will always put
Themselves out, lend a hand
Those others who will give their time
No task too small; too grand
They give their heart,they sacrifice
Day in, day out they pledge
Their lives in constant service to
Those on health’s wearing edge
And in return they ask for n’owt
‘Cept maybe just a smile
To know that all are comfortable
And cared for in their trials
For any trials that are endured
These carers will then try
To help alleviate the pain
To wipe the tears all dry.

Dedicated to the caring staff of the Emergency Admissions Unit, Grantham Hospital, Lincolnshire, UK



The Christmas Cake

Take a 100 grams of flour
And add a little more
Take some sugar from the cupboard
Add fruit and eggs all raw
Then stir it up together
With spoons of happiness
And add the last ingredients
For a cake that’s truly blessed

The special last ingredients
A dashing of pure love
With cups of hope and kindness bright
Lest wishes from above
Add joy and family spirit
Compassion and sweet care
And mix and blend it all as one
For the best of Christmas fayre

Then put it in the oven warm
To bake for a long time
To cook where sweet aromas waft
For something quite sublime
Then top with frosted icing
And decorate with cheer
To wish each a Merry Christmas
And a blessed Happy New Year

The Christmas Cake


A Single Moment

If I could create a single moment
Then I’d choose one that would be
Full of happiness and kindness
Expressing how much you mean to me

To show you that I love you
To uphold and lift and care
One to take away your burdens
And answer all your prayers

A moment that would stop the clock
To bring out the sun so bright
To shoot a star up in the sky
Against the moonlit night

To give a glimpse of heaven
To shine down a faithful ray
Yes in a single moment
I’d create the perfect day

A single moment

Tipping The Balance

I’d be perfectly contented
To die in poverty
If I’d contributed to life
And to all society
To support with another’s plight
To make a difference
I’d happily be penniless
Without any inference

For when I see some of the wealthy
The rich who are so free
It brings a tear into my eye
At their lack of liberty
For wealth is a great privilege
To share and to assist
To disburse and relieve anguish
To lift poverty’s mist

For the conditions that some live in
The lack of human rights
The rife hunger and starvation
Are not a pretty sight
As the balance of abundance
Is set to so unfair
So is it such a sacrifice
To give and offer care?


If you need a hug then have one
Without question, without blame
Without judgement or conditions
For all hugs should mean the same.
As each and every arm wrap
Should come with aid, support and care
To say so very simply
That you’re not alone – we’re there!

And so in times of trouble
Turmoil or just pure strife
Reach out for some affection
To uphold you all through life
And cherish a little comfort
Offload, detox, unplug
By sharing tender moments
All wrapped up in a hug!

Bridging the Gap

Suspended platform
With steeled wires lit as a string of pearls
Drapes athwart the gorge

Concreted conduit
Engulfed in a display of electric lights
Crosses over the stream

Abutted gantry
Cast in a framework of expansive iron
Transverses the gap

Arched crossing
Linked in magnificent arcs of stone
Straddles the breach

Feats of engineering
Constructed with calculated precision
Building the bridge

Yet ….

Extended hands
Stretch out in understanding
And join humanity

Friendly smiles
Reach out in compassion
To welcome unity

Attentive ears
Listen with sensitivity
To pave pathways of peace

Devoted hearts
Extend with empathy
To unite people with love

Feats of human kindness
Linked with dedicated care
Bridging the gap