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A Beat At A Time

In 2009 I was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction and POTS.  The impact of this was quite severe and left me unable to do many things that I used to do without a second glance.  However, as is so often the way when the capacity to do one thing is lost, other avenues opened up and through the limited lifestyle that I was left with I rediscovered my love for writing, wrote my first novel and started writing poetry again.  At the same time, my husband left and I became a single Mum to our four beautiful children but through everything the five of us became closer than ever forging a unique bond that to this day has seen each of us through some really tough times.  So essentially the net result of rediscovering my love for writing combined with the support of the amazing Fab4 (as the children have become known) was very positive.  Although you would never chose to have this horrid condition and all its restrictions, it’s taught us more about the joy and contentment in life than anything previously came close to teaching us.

On the back of this, however, my mother and friends have harped on (like only Mothers can and friend’s sometimes do) about me publishing my poetry.  I have resisted to date because there are so many budding authors out there and I feel very unqualified in so many senses but in June (2013) I set myself a challenge to blog a poem a day for a year to see how it was received as well and to raise awareness of arrhythmias and syncope “a beat at a time”.  Amazingly the blog took off and received visits from people all around the world and to this end have continued to write daily since that initial date.

Writing a poem a day is quite a task but is proving really enjoyable even if it is sometimes quite hard, particularly fitting in four children, studying a full time degree course, writing for my other blog and dealing with the vagaries of life with such variable blood pressure which can knock you down at any minute and the associated brain fog but determination is a wonderful tool!

However, it is enjoyable and the work that has ensued on the back of it, has meant that now Ginz&Tonic offers much more than just a poem a day from writing marketing poems to delivering workshops in schools and inspirational talks.  These are all done on a voluntary basis as health allows but if you would like to know more, why not get in touch.


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