Life is good! Life is inspirational!

So a little something different to my normal poetry posts and a request to you all to support my son, Kit Dellow-Jones. He plays piano and trumpet and is heading towards a career as a professional musician with a scholarship to music college (conservatoire) in September.

He’s been shortlisted for an award as young music maker 2018 which has gone through the panel round and is now open to the public vote.

The write up doesn’t do justice to everything he does! This weekend alone he’s supported the county orchestra playing principle trumpet, played a gig at a jazz cafe as well as a charity gig raising over £1000 for ‘New Life Gambia’ supporting children in Gambia schools. Music is his life and it’s a joy to see it benefit others as well.

So please Click link and vote for him – it’s quick and easy! It doesn’t matter where you live! Just choose KIT DELLOW-JONES. 🎶😀🎶

To find out more you can find him on Twitter @kitdellowjones.

Alternatively scan the QR code to select KIT DELLOW-JONES

Make sure you get the ‘Thanks’ screen to be sure your vote has been submitted

A big thank you 🙂


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