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Ripples in Life


Sea Dreaming


Are we grateful for what we’ve been given right now
For the excellence that lies all about
Are we focussed on good and not upon bad
Are we willing to sing and to shout
About even the tiniest littlest thing
That brings fortune and favour our way
Be it the sun in the sky or the birds on the wing
Or the wonder that’s filling today

Be it a stranger’s kind word or a hug from a friend
A meal on the table at night
A song or a dance, a smile or a glance
Whatever brings in joy and delight
Be it a nudge in our thoughts that brings in relief
For even a second or less
To refresh and renew everything that we do
With gratitude and heart filled thankfulness

For to dwell on these things that may not seem big
Or even seem what we are owed
Is to lift up our spirit, to freshen our souls
With appreciation and love thus bestowed
And thus we go hence right into this day
With joy in our mind and not dread
With blessing abundant at the fore of our thoughts
With a glow and lighter step in our tread.




Where thrift and gorse grow ever sure
And slate cliff tumbles to the shore
Where Brea Hill rises from the bay
And Enodoc stays tucked away
Behind the dunes where Links expand
Ahead sea laps on soft pure sand
Whilst Daymer Lane seeks out the beach
And Greenaway’s within stone’s reach
Trebetherick, a hidden gem
Set there in Cornwall’s diadem

The Sea Spirit

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Well flippity flip and there it goes
So high up into the sky
A pancake that with all intent
Just simply wants to fly
Out of the pan with airborne means
It heads to higher heights
And why – good question!  Why indeed
Why toss with such great might?

Well it is told in myth of old
In Ireland to be true
That eldest girls did toss the cake
For marriage to ensue
So long as when she flipped it up
That pancakes landed flat
Back in the pan so perfectly
For wedlock tit for tat

So flippity flip and there is goes
So high into the sky
A pancake that with all intent
Just simply wants to fly
Out of the pan so steadfastly
Enticing ring and gown
For maids to catch men with a toss
Of pancakes round the town

English: A heap of pancakes in Sweden. My moth... English: A heap of pancakes in Sweden. My…

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Diamond in the Rough

Landscape littered with refuse
Where crow flies overhead
Where vermin scavenges for food
Where others dare not tread

Where stench of yesterday is thrown
Out on the garbage heap
Where foul odour lingers in the nose
Where rot and decay steeps

Yet midst this putrefaction
A diamond in the rough
Lies hidden, lost, abandoned
Unrefined; not buffed

But still a diamond all the same
A gem with so much more
Potential, worth, capacity
If just realised and restored

And likewise, there will be those days
Those months and maybe years
When the jewel within is tarnished by
Many wet and salty tears

Those times when circumstance may yield
Turbulence and unrest
But see those times as polishing
The inner latent best

So that the diamond in the rough
Will stand out undisguised
A precious stone shining so bright
Potential realised