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I Was, You Were

I know you think it all makes sense
When ‘you was’ comes from your lips
But please be sure to get it right
Without this sort of slip
For very simply, it is this
‘I was,’ ‘you were,’ so please
Use were with you and was with I
For linguistic expertise!


I stood and saw a mountain
It loomed ahead so tall
Blocking the way, or so it seemed
Just like a huge brick wall

It soared right up into the clouds
So steep; so very high
A massive mountain in the mist
That stood against the sky

Ahead a single track of sorts
Uneven and quite rough
Covered in rocks and scree and stones
That said ‘Give Up – it’s tough’

Yet somewhere in the distance
A small ray of light shone through
That lured me to just carry on
To head towards the blue

So small it seemed insignificant
Yet with magnetic might
It pulled me; drew me onwards til
The end came into sight

A magnet that we might call ‘will’
The will to win; succeed
That failed to let me quit or stop
As will became a need

And need became persistence
Determined to achieve
To battle…

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Let Down!

A reflection on failed adult social care …..

You let me down: You said you’d care
You said you’d nurse him – be aware
You said you’d feed him, said you’d be
His refuge and his family
You said you’d fill his life with joy
You’d treat him well; you would employ
Dignity and trust, respect and grace
Yet did you heck – such a disgrace

For in the place of each of these
You upped his hurt and misery
And failed to get to know the man
To really know, to understand
To treat him with worth and value
To ensure that his own milieu
Was suitable for all his needs
You failed him in the face of greed

Yet in all truth it’s not just you
For cross the county out of view
A million sit in the same place
Ignored, neglected, case on case
In rocking chairs on slippery slope
No love, no time, no joy, no hope!
So bored to tears – stung in the eye
Just left to rot and left to die

Yet how we treat our elderly
Reflects on what society
Holds dear and echoes out so loud
The values that we each allow.
And just now civilised we are
Is judged by where we set the bar
To care for those who cared for us
And who now put in us their trust

Make Every Day Count

Make every day count
Let there be no regret
Endeavour a purpose
And never forget
That the clock ticks through life
It never will stop
Til your last breath is taken
And your legacy drops
Into the sea of the past
To be judged good or bad
Whether a life made a difference
Or was wasted – so sad
But let there be more
That each moment bring joy
Inspiration and wonder
like a child with new toy
To question; to challenge
To relax; to imbue
Every day; every minute;
Every second hold true

Be True To You

Each with their own unique selling point
That special piece in the jigsaw
Without which there can not be completeness.
Like the sun shining her luminous light
Or the Earth as the powerhouse of life
For if either were another
All else could cease to exist

Break Ups

You marry them and you think
Life’s going to be fine
But that’s not always the true case
As you find out down the line
When they screw you over
Lie and deceive
And then try to pretend
That it would be great if you two could
Remain the best of friends
Yet that is not how it works out
For if you want to stay
A friend with your ex, I suggest
You play fair every day
Be honest, show integrity
In everything you do
Even when you want to split up
Be kind; compassionate too
And think just what you are doing
To the one that you have loved
Put yourself in their shoes for a while
And approach them with kid gloves
Considering how you would feel
If you were in their place
For break ups are quite hard to bear
So tiptoe with much grace
And concede that emotions will
Fly round and round a bit
As hurt subsides and passions cease
To have such a snug fit
And then leave space where it’s needed
Respect your ex and wait
Until they want to speak to you
Until their nerves don’t grate
At just the mention of your name
The smell of aftershave
Or perfume that they recognize
For you’re not there to save
Them from their fate nor control them
Tell them what to do each day
Nor interfere with their lives for
You chose to walk away
And as such you much thus accept
That though you’d like to be
Their friend forever, as you once were
You have to set them free
To live, to learn and love again
To find their own heartbeat
For then in time you may find out
They’ll be prepared to greet
You as a friend and say hello
Maybe even share a brew
But when alls said and all is done
It will be down to you
To handle your relationship
The way that you would choose
How others would also treat you
Then you’ll have nowt to lose!

Cinder’s Cankles

Cinderella’s got a problem
A big problem at that
Cos after all the dancing
Her ankles have grown fat

And when Charming comes calling
Her slipper will not fit
No matter how she tries to raise
Her feet up when she sits

So she’s vexing and she’s worried
Cos her fairy’s not about
To vanish all the puffiness
And answer Cinder’s shouts

And thus she’s dammed by cankles
To spend the rest of days
A slave to nature’s problems
Of oedema’s horrid ways