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I Dream Of A Lie In

I dream of a lie in
Time to remain as one with the duvet
Deaf to the alarm’s morning rants
And the cockerel’s early wake up call

I dream of a lie in
Missing the sun as she rises in the sky
To slumber; to sleep; to relax
Absorbed in a good book

I dream of a lie in
Imbued by the warmth of roasted coffee
Percolating tranquility
Where drapes remain drawn
And busyness is but an illusion

Yes I dream of a lie in
One day ….


There are sentries on our roads
All dressed in red and white
That line the highways mile on mile
Without giving insight
As to a reason why they’re there
For in their loyal rows
The empty passage t’other side
Leaves us out of the know
For it appears they simply stand
On guard biding their time
In conical formation and
With no reason and no rhyme!
Saluting all the traffic
As it just trundles by
The cones directing queues of cars
To jam! Oh how I sigh!


Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming
The geese are getting fat
The weather’s bloomin’ awful
And soaking Grandma’s hat
The clouds are blowing madly
And thunder’s boom boom bright
With lightning streaking cross the sky
Upon this Christmas night

There’s news of snow arriving
With blizzards on their way
So ho ho ho what a todo
Poor Santa in this sleigh
For his beard will get all frosty
And nose get flipping cold
Less arthritis in his old joints
Start to take grip and hold

And bless his prancing reindeer
Let’s hope they’ve worn a mac
For fear that if they too get wet
They might just turn right back
And return to the North Pole
To hibernate instead
To hide under their duvets
And retire to their beds!

Nine More Sleeps

Nine more sleeps to Christmas
Til the man in red arrives
Til Rudolf shackles up to sleigh
And prances through night skies
Til children wake up early
To see what treats await
And families share Christmas fun
A season that is great

But spare a thought for others
Who find this time of year
Brings trials and tribulations
And doesn’t spread much cheer
For those who will be struggling
Who have a heavy heart
And take the time to think of them
With peace and love impart

Do you wanna make a difference?

Do you wanna make a difference?
Do you wanna make a change?
Do you wanna improve others lives?
Do you wanna rearrange
The way things are; the options
The answers and the rest
To offer up solutions and
Provide what’s for the best?

Then focus and determine
How you might then assist
With open heart, transparent will
And selfishness dismissed
And give with a subscription
To honour, love and care
To support others by your deeds
For a better world out there

Rose Sunday

A Sunday for joy
In shades of rose rejoicing
As Christmas comes soon


It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look like Christmas
With crowds rushing to shops
Traffic jams and screeching kids
Christmas songs that never stop

Drizzly rain and foggy haze
Without the sight of snow
And Santas standing in the malls
Repeating ho ho ho

Plus smells from festive spices
Drifting down every street
Warming the cockles of each heart
With pies made from mincemeat

And bright illuminations
Burning through ozone layer
With tinsel, glitter, glue and more
Mixed in with Christmas fayre


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