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Black Friday

Black Friday; great excitement
Crowd surges and much more
Real savings to be had
And discounts all galore
Great deals out on the hight street
Goods showcased just for you
A time for Christmas shopping
What bargain waits for you?



Fight your own battles
Make your own way
Take on responsibility
Be accountable each day
And don’t pass on the buck
Or hand out the blame
But subscribe to the truth
And play a fair game


Data Driven World

Data driven world
What numbers can you crunch?
What inklings do you thus deduce?
What digits raise a hunch
To justify the need
To analyse; predict
Statistics out of everything
Demographic addicts

To set expected outcomes
To compute and assume
In mathematical context
That there is little room
To deviate and curve
From this way over that
Reducing humanness instead
To calculated stats

WSCT F 10Dec04at0100PST

WSCT F 10Dec04at0100PST (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dead On Your Feet (Haiku)

Tiredness beyond tired
Exhaustion past exhausted
Dead on your own feet!


Oh Tom – he was a liar, a conman and a thief
Who thought he’d blag his way through life
Thought he was the big chief
And as such he conceived himself
Untouchable it’s true
But all along the lies built up
Until they came in view

They caught him out; exposed him
Showed him for who he was
A scoundrel and a vagabond
Addicted to the buzz
Of hurting those around him
Not stepping to the mark
Of truth; responsibility
An ogre of the dark

For you see Tom met his maker
A grizzly end they say
Tripped up by all his lies and fibs
The trappings in his way
And beaten at his own game
He then threw in the towel
Lost everything but that is what
Happens when one plays foul!

Big Hair

There’s something ’bout big hair
That you really have to see
Like birds a-nesting in these wigs
All sat so tranquilly

Along with bugs and ladybirds
They all just bed right in
Amidst the curls and thick thick mop
Now isn’t that win:win

…..or maybe not! ;)


Oh where did Buzby go
That little bird who flew
With voices cross telephone lines
All dressed in yellow hue
Who understood and helped
And served the public well
Assisting with a happy tweet
In a service that was swell

But now those days are gone
The bird’s been laid to rest
Instead replaced with robots and
Computers that all test
The patience of the saints
With call centres insane
That fail to comprehend; assist
And really are a pain!

So come back Buzby please
And fly our wires once more
With better public services
Than these we now implore!
And grab the gauntlet do
To try and sort the mess
With lines that operate and work
And customers less stressed!



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