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This was inspired by fellow blogger’s poem Self Worth. Check out his writings – they are fab :-)

A little doubt is helpful
For awareness shall we say
A check that rids us of conceit
That stops us falling prey
To arrogance; pomposity
But go too far and then
That doubt becomes self limiting
And pushes us again
Into a place uncertain
Where nothing seems quite right
Cos there we lose all self esteem
Ourselves fall out of sight
So the best that we can aim for
Is a fence on which to sit
That strikes the balance in between
Self doubt and puffed up wit

The Wind Turbines

We stand on century duty
Three arms up in the air
Catching the wind in breezy flight
To distribute and share
Kinetic energy renewed
As clean mechanic power
Producing electricity
For hour upon long hour

And all along in silent shift
We sit horizon bound
In slender white apparel tall
Towering out from the ground
As watchmen in the countryside
Or even just offshore
Our turbines to attention stand
To harvest wind galore


Shadows (A Haiku)

Shadows from the clouds
Dancing ahead the hill top
Chase the hidden sun


Where Scree Falls Into Blue

Such beauty stretches fore my eyes
Such grace under my feet
Magnificence that awe inspires
As mountain and lake meet
Such wonder held in vista there
The panoramic view
Yonder the landscape bathed in folds
Where scree falls into blue


Wasdale Head

Three peaks ahead the lake
Topped in cumulus puff
Where shadows of an age past linger
Carved in rock by gargantuan ice hand
As hanging valley falls
Into the aqueous ribbon
Which ripples in the eddies of time


Tomorrow (A Haiku)

What is tomorrow?
If not filled with hopes’ desires
For a better life

English: Sunrise at North Point Park, Milwauke...

English: Sunrise at North Point Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Français : Lever de soleil à North Point Park, Milwaukee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Waiter

Meet the attentive waiter ……

Please take a seat
This one is great!
Just by the window here?
What can I get you all to drink
A wine and pint of beer
And here’s your menu
Do peruse
Though maybe you would like
The specials that are on today
Perhaps you’d care for pike!
Or maybe something else – how ‘bouts
There’s trout and salmon too
And steak – the finest in the land
Home reared in Timbuktu
And then we have the prawn salad
And Gorgonzola bake
With broccoli and runner beans
Or possibly the hake
Caught in the ocean that you see
Just yonder window there
It’s just like haddock, even cod
Oh such delicious fayre
We also make the best pizzas
They are themselves renowned
For being, some say, scrumdicious
The best that they have found
Then afterwards perhaps you’d care
To take on dessert too
There’s chocolate gâteaux and ice cream
As well tiramisu
Or lemon tart, banoffee pie
And cheesecake – boy that’s good
Whatever really you fancy
We offer such great puds!
But that’s enough or what we have
I’m sure that you will find
Something to whet your appetite
Now what is on your mind?

To which “we” reply:

Dear Waiter
Thanks for all your help
Your memory is great
Listing your fayre so perfectly
But waiter, please please wait
For all we want is a quick cup
Of coffee, maybe tea
And little Jonny wants a coke
But first he needs a wee!!!


Waiter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is a time to celebrate
To stop and have some fun
To let your hair down; have a laugh
To enjoy job well done
To uplift spirits; don a smile
Add in some perfect cheer
A time to celebrate with those
Whose hearts you hold so dear
And in that time to just relax
To chill and have a ball
With celebrations cup all full
Festivities roll call



Results don’t define you
They’re a snapshot in time
And you choose your fate
Your reason and rhyme

For whilst grades open doors
That’s all that they do
But that’s not to say
There aren’t other doors too

So results good or bad
Take a breath and just see
That today’s just the start
Past A B or C

And whatever the outcome
You are who you are
With bright future’s ahead
Past any A star!

For results don’t define you
They’re a snapshot in time
And you choose your fate
Your reason and rhyme

What Lies Within

I see a house; a pretty house
A garden full of flowers
With painted gate and picket fence
Where sun shines golden showers
Delightful thatch ahead the house
With panes all leaded too
And walls so whitewashed glistening
And hence attractive too

I see the water dance on pond
Where sparkling fountain falls
And blue skies are reflected on
The surface; lilies call
Where fish swim, frogs hop, joy abounds
And laughter emanates
Across the garden; singing songs
Perfection’s way create

Yet wander in the house and all
Is not as it might seem
Behind the windows veiled in cloth
Such glory does not gleam
The rooms chaotic, bare in parts
Opposing that outside
Where darkness dwells and consumes all
No light switch; hurt resides

Desperate gloom; despair; so lost
Such agonies untold
Where sunny rays don’t penetrate
And black replaces gold
Where sounds fall dead; where no-one hears
The cries; the pleas; the needs
The corners of the lodgings pinch
The heart that always bleeds

So when you see a pretty house
A garden full of flowers
And painted gate and picket fence
Where sun shines golden showers
Be kind and tread compassions way
For lying there in wait
Might be a black dog who will not
Select; discriminate

What Lies Within

By Stefan Stegemann (Deutsch: selbst erstellt English: self made) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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