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Nature’s Paintbrush

Drops from Nature’s paintbrush
Splattered on the wayside
In a bouquet of resplendent colour
Dotted in the hedgerow
Amidst the fragrances of Spring
Pouring out into the landscape
As buds burst into bloom

Natures Paintbrush

Nature’s Paintbrush All Rights Reserved © Ginz&Tonic 2015

Orange Bloom

Oh Mr Bee, come down and see
This gorgeous orange bloom
With nectar cup all opened up
To leave you plenty room
To buzz about and wiggle in
With joy and so much glee
To party in her petalled folds
With much frivolity
And sip from syrup core as though
It’s like the finest wine
So come on, Mr Bee, fly in
For this flower is divine!

Orange Bloom

St George

Today’s the day to be a knight
As in those days of old
To overcome the power of bad
With bravery so bold

For out there in the world about
A dragon lies in wait
Destroying all pure beauty bright
In flames of greed and hate

So step up like the saint, St George
And fight for truth and light
Imbuing strength from deep within
To conquer darkest night

And slay the beast that dares to mock
The good in life and grace
With sword that’s poised to destroy ill
Bring peace unto this place

St Georges Day

Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Chair

There is a chair
And it just sits
Sits in the corner
Aging in its patterned robes
Cosseting memories of the past
And I think how many stories could it tell
Of those who have rested
Rested within its comforting arms
Over the years
The yarns; the anecdotes; the tales
History retold; times gone by
Now abandoned bar the cat
The cat curled up
Asleep in the chair


The Open Book

Let my mind be an open book
Where the pages are turned a day at a time
And the words penned in the ink of experience

English: Picture of an open book, that does no...

English: Picture of an open book, that does not show any copyright information. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It became his obsession
His will; his desire
To visit, to ponder
To hop on the wire
And see what he could see
To gleam and to know
In case there was something
He missed; that might go
Past him without his
Awareness; his sight
It became his obsession
Day in and at night
To read all he could read
In case she revealed
A nugget about him
Put it out in the field
And blighted his name
Told the way that it is
The things that he’d done
The lies he had lived
So that someone may think
Less of him! Oh the fear
That after all of this time
After so many years
Exposure would come
And then come at a cost
For he wanted to win
But in his heart he had lost
For despite all the covers
The tracks he’d hid well
The threat was always
That she might just go tell
The truth and then out
In the open it’d be
And he would be damned
For eternity!

Shadow In The Night

Shhhh!  Did you hear it?
The crack of a twig in the undergrowth
The stifled shriek piercing the cold night air
The deep laboured breath haunting your mind
Those eyes, slit green, following your every movement
Out there in the darkness
Shadow in the night
Tormenting your dreams
Menacing your peace
With shudders creeping down your spine
And chilled apprehension stinging your veins
For vengeance is on his mind
Hatred in his heart
Daggers drawn
And you
You are his prey tonight!


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