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Is it too early to go
To bed before sundown
Without saluting lunar moon
Who might then wear a frown
If ignored and not welcomed in
As eye lids start to drop
Is it too early? Is it? Is it?
Or can I go and flop?

Bird Bullies

A plucky sparrow comes and sits
Next to the cat – oh what a twit
It squawks and tweets a rowdy noise
That says come down all girls and boys
For this daft cat has lost his edge
He’s scared of me here in the hedge
So with a little push today
I reckon he’ll just run away
And blubber to his Mum and Dad
That birds are bullies – poor poor lad!
Then we’ll be free to peck away
To tweet and chirp throughout the day
Without the threat or chance that we’ll
End up instead as his main meal!

The Reunion (Haiku)

The reunion
Celebrating friendships that
Have survived time’s test  

Daddy Long Legs

Behold the Daddy long legs
Dancing with delight
In moon beams under starlit skies
Around the street lamplights

Or skating through the windows
Propped open in the heat
To skip around and tantalise
All who he deigns to meet

To toy with all your senses
As hairs stand up erect
At the idea he’ll land on you
And climb right down your of neck

Or tickle arm and eyebrow
Get caught up on your toes
Or when you sleep maybe he’ll creep
Right in your ears and nose!

Sweet Dreams (Haiku)

A nighttime haiku
To wish each a good night and
Sweet dreams ’til morning

Mum’s Taxi

Mum’s taxi’s on a midnight run
It hardly ever stops
Except to fill the tank with fuel
And when a child it drops
From dawn to dusk just driving
To here and there and back
But one thing is for certain sure
It won’t get fired or sacked

As down through all the ages
This taxi has been seen
Collecting, fetching, running round
In, out and between
A million destinations
For over and above
Mum’s taxi’s the best cab that goes
Across the miles with love



Psychoetry; the blending of
The science of the mind
Combined with poetry to forge
To harness or to find
Creative ways assisting;
Supporting kids to grow
To challenge their behaviours
To help them find their flow
And reach the goals they want to
Expressing all the time
Their thoughts and aspirations
Invoked in part by rhyme
Or fun word play that tinkers
With letters to inspire
The best that they can be and more
As potential transpires


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