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Life’s Rollercoaster

Life is but a roller coaster
On the waves of experience
Rolling in on the crests
Being submerged in the troughs
Where the highs and the lows
Ebb and flow rhythmically
Yet where tidal propagation
Hangs on our topographic maps
Shaping the here and now
The then and there
All in the name of autonomy

Life's Rollercoaster

Ode To An OU Student

Stop! Wait a minute
What else can I do
Bar focussing on this
Bringing right into view
The end of the task
That on table top lays
Be it jobs I don’t like
Or the next TMA

For to ponder is greater
Than the drive to complete
The thing that’s before me
To conquer; defeat
And err or procrastinate
Put off and delay
The inevitable; inescapable
Assignment today!

Arms of the Open University (400 × 397 px; 256...

Arms of the Open University (400 × 397 px; 256,136 bytes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robotic World

Where have the humans vanished to?
Why have they been replaced?
Reduced to doing nothing now
As robots rule this place

For look and see technology’s
Influence on the Earth
Reducing need for humans for
All things bar giving birth

And yet perhaps the time will come
When robots multiply
All by themselves to overrun
The world and you and I

When they will be equipped to be
Autonomous and freed
As human life becomes extinct
And robots supersede

ActivMedia Pioneer 3-AT robot at the Georgia I...

ActivMedia Pioneer 3-AT robot at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Elephant In The Room

They told me that the elephant
Would just never forget
And so with failing memory
I went outside to get
Myself an elephant to come
And memorise for me
All those things I would fail to store
In later history

I bid this elephant to pave
His neural corridors
With recollections in his mind
To open up the doors
Of mnemonic strategy
Recall what would not stick
In hope that friendly elephant
Would capture them real quick

But sadly it did not work out
For tell him as I did
To hold my thoughts up in his brain
Even for a few quid
He simply didn’t understand
As I had so presumed
And that is how he became the
Elephant in the room

The elephant in the room

Making The Most Of Life

Some people drain your energy
Exhaust you in their track
But simply take an extra pace
And never look right back
To put the distance in between
And validate your life
By siding with those brighter souls
Avoiding such ill strife

And be determined to enjoy
Each day and be happy
By celebrating time as though
It might very well be
The last day that you have to live
So revel in the good
Make the most of each moment and
Then love life as you should!


Double, Double, Toil And Trouble

Double double, toil and trouble
So the saying goes
As witches gather round their pot
And dance high on their toes
Implying injury and more
To those they simply hate
By casting spells and sending hex
Earlier or just late

And in the place of bat or frog
Their spells are all cooked up
By word of mouth; sent by letter
The new age poisoned cup
To any who dare question them
To ask ‘bout this or that
For with a flick of witches wand
They’ll turn them into rats

And so they dance upon the heath
Where’re the heath may be
Keeping their cauldron stocked; on boil
To catch both you and me!
So watch out for those charlatans
Who sleep down by the brook
For with their body, mind or soul
They catch you with their hook!

Macbeth and Banquo Meeting the Witches on the ...

Macbeth and Banquo Meeting the Witches on the Heath, 1855. An example of one of Chassériau’s many works inspired by Shakespeare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Spring is in the air
The grass now needs a mow
The borders need a-planting and
The beds required a hoe

The fences must be painted
The hedges need a trim
So chances of relaxing now
Are looking rather slim

And suddenly car washing
Becomes the thing to do
Though heed the call of a Pimms cup
That’s waiting there for you

For when the jobs are dusted
All finished up and done
It is the time to put feet up
And enjoy the springtime fun!

English: Springtime

English: Springtime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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