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Waiting (A Haiku)

What is waiting if
It’s not the passing of time
Yet time waits for none

Time Travel

Sour Grapes

The only way to take your grapes
Is as a glass of wine.
For sour grapes just don’t hit the spot
And really just ain’t fine
So trample grapes all softly
Sit back and then enjoy
A glass of red or white or pink
A taster to employ
A means to otherwise forget
Those ones that might be sour
For grapes in wine are better – yes?
At any time or hour!

English: Wine grapes from the Guadalupe Valley...

Captured Memories

What is a photograph
If it is not a memory
An image of a time gone by
Of a person; a thing; a day
Imprinted on paper yet
Captured by the soul

And what is a poem
If not a memory too
Imagery of a moment
Of a thought; a feeling; an object
Sealed in letters on a page
Captured by the heart

Heart Healthy

Have you looked at the environment
To see if it can be
Altered in any kind of way
To be more heart healthy

A place that will encourage growth
A setting where the heart
Is given chance to optimise
In fine fettle to start

And where all opportunities
Inspire good choices too
To help create more healthiness
With well-being for you

And if you think a shift’s required
Will you step up and see
What you can do to challenge where
These changes need to be.

29th September every year is World Heart Day focusing on creating heart healthy environments.  To find out more click here.  To find out more about the Heart Rhythms Charity click here or here

World Heart Day

Photo Credit Courtesy Of World Heart Day With Thanks 2014


A Poet’s Armour

A poet’s greatest armoury
Is metaphorical
To paint a picture, draw a word
Portray a chronicle
With imagery, symbolism
Feet and meter too
An armoury that packs a punch
Yet draws in me and you

Armour displaying besagues (full image)

Armour displaying besagues (full image) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Indian Summer (Haiku)

Indian Summer
Of burnished bronze; copper gold
Spiced jewels of the fall

Indian Summer / Altweibersommer im Sauerland

Indian Summer / Altweibersommer im Sauerland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pineapple Conifers

They only had one wish in life
Three trees with egos odd
Pretending to be pineapples
With tops up to the gods

They dreamt of day when they would be
Fruit salad in a bowl
Or stuck on stick with cheesy cube
Or on the table whole

But sadly that day wouldn’t come
For though they hoped they erred
As in all truth we know that they
Are really conifers!

Pineapple Conifers

Photo Credit: @Richardesty (twitter)


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