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Blue Mind

Blue mind
Immersed in the moment
As waves crash onto the shore
Or roll in the deep
Navigating destiny
And anchoring the past with the present
In maritime bliss


What is it about the word splendid
So grand and just really so right
To conjure the sense of just perfect
Bringing wonder and supreme in sight
With lashings of resplendent magnificence
Outstanding, exquisite, divine
For splendid so splendidly matches
Splendiferous splendour sublime

Fight for Life

The moment hope is ripped from the soul
When there is only the past and present
And the future dissipates
When fear grips your stomach
And your heart pounds like the battle drums
Signalling the war cry for life
As the fight to preserve it begins

What is Happiness (Haikus)

Happiness is not
Found in material wealth
But gold deep within

Neither is it sought
From beyond the window pane
But in the mirror

It’s not loud and brash
But abides in the still voice
Of each beating heart

Happiness is then
Contentment with self above
All other pleasure


And yet it is the small still voice
The whisper deep within
That is forever our guiding compass
The subtle beat that resonates in our heart
Flooding the senses with acuity
Submerging the soul in the waters of conviction
That navigates the harsh winds of chaos
And despite all the seeking
All enquiry
It is in quiet solitude that we find
That we discover who we are

The Grass Boat

Boat sails amidst the rushes
Where the grasses oscillate in waves
Swaying in the breeze
On green verdant tides
That lap up to the chalk precipice
And ‘neath the blue azure sky
Where gulls battle the breeze
A mermaid calls from yonder ocean
To her prairie marooned sailor
Anchored forever in his meadow harbour


Howzat! (Haiku)

Dogs in the water
All stop the tail wagging by
Fielding at gully



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