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Elderflowers (Haiku)

Elderflower blooms drip
Cordially from weighted boughs
Pressed for infusions


Let neither creed not colour be
A reason to divide
And neither let race segregate
Across the globe worldwide
But more so seek the common thread
Of love, of truth, of peace
To weave life’s richest tapestry
Complete without a crease

And join in pleasing harmony
That sings with one accord
That resonates diversity
Our differences applaud
Over counter objectives
Oust xenophobic view
Dispelling prejudice mindset
As unity shines through

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly imperfect
Is just the way to be
Despite the pressures every day
To be so perfectly
Flawless and faultless
So spot on
Against the human grain
That says “to err is human” so
Why do we even feign
To be perfection’s partner
To have, to look, to do
Excellence when that’s just a myth
That leaves us in a stew
For really striving at our best is
What it’s all about
And that’s the focus I would say
Is perfect to shout out!

Leap Second Logic

Oh my god I’m so excited
For at midnight today
We’ll get an extra second
With a leap second delay
As time stands still so briefly
A moment to take stock
Whilst all around the world we’ll halt
The tick tock of the clocks!

Yes that’s an extra sixtieth
Of a minute to
Maximise and make good use of
Extending life for you
A jiffy or an instant
That you won’t get again
But don’t go losing sleep if you
Stay put, in bed remain!

Bird Bullies

A plucky sparrow comes and sits
Next to the cat – oh what a twit
It squawks and tweets a rowdy noise
That says come down all girls and boys
For this daft cat has lost his edge
He’s scared of me here in the hedge
So with a little push today
I reckon he’ll just run away
And blubber to his Mum and Dad
That birds are bullies – poor poor lad!
Then we’ll be free to peck away
To tweet and chirp throughout the day
Without the threat or chance that we’ll
End up instead as his main meal!

The Reunion (Haiku)

The reunion
Celebrating friendships that
Have survived time’s test  

Daddy Long Legs

Behold the Daddy long legs
Dancing with delight
In moon beams under starlit skies
Around the street lamplights

Or skating through the windows
Propped open in the heat
To skip around and tantalise
All who he deigns to meet

To toy with all your senses
As hairs stand up erect
At the idea he’ll land on you
And climb right down your of neck

Or tickle arm and eyebrow
Get caught up on your toes
Or when you sleep maybe he’ll creep
Right in your ears and nose!


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