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National Poetry Day 2013

To celebrate National Poetry Day in 2013 Ginz&Tonic ran a children’s poetry competition in our local area taking Coleridge’s famous lines “Water, Water, Everywhere” as inspiration.  The entries were fabulous!  Below are some of the winning and highly commended poems for you to enjoy (in no particular order):

By Jack, age 7

Rapid faller
Warm relaxer
Cold flower
Cold rusher
Splash maker
Dark Gusher
Anger Calmer
Deep Shower

Water Kenning by Zara (age 7)

Wavy washer
Cold crusher
Epic rusher
Salty sleeper
Murky mover
Warm washer
Crystal dasher
Gentle gusher
Salty splosher
Rough tumbler
Blue glimmer
Relaxing brusher

Crocodile by Malik (Yr 4)

Resting in the
Ooze, unaware of
Cruel calumnies
Other rumours too, that she eats her offspring
Dozing, waiting for her eggs to hatch
In the blazing sun.  Soon it will be time to
Leave this place, lovingly opening
Enormous jaws to carry her babies to the water.

River Poem by Annabelle (Yr 5)

River quivers, gently
Inaudible, it trickles and never ends
Vintage rocks
Enormous rocks lie there still until the water comes
Rushing and racing it roars and pours

Water by Molly (Age 7)

Deep slusher
Wavy washer
Crystal crusher
Rough rider
Golden gusher
Shallow surfer

Water Kenning by Ella  (Age 8)

Sea, seeker
Warm, waver
Crystal, flower
Steady, runner
Rapid, gleamer
Gentle, shower
Smooth, lusher
Deep, rusher
Crystal, crusher
Wavey, shiner
Comer, go’er

Water Poem by Tom (Year 4)

Quick swimmer
Egg layer
Water lover
World traveller

Diver in the blue, gloomy sea
Using orange feet on the water
Causing people to give them bread
Kicking the water the swimming ducks

Duck sitting, he is hitting his white, egg waiting for his duckling to come and play
As the duck sleeps and dreams, he imagines what they will look like
The duck paddles on the water like a dog swimming to get a ball.

Water by Jessica (Year 4)


Waterfall by Onyi (Year 5)

Wavy, bleak water darting towards wher the water cycle works
Arches downwards to where dangerous sea creatures lurk
Tossing and turning every day
Excitingly and rapidly it makes it’s way
Racing a thing that you can never beat
Fast you have to go to win and if you win it feels so sweet
Amazingly it splashes so much that you close your eyes
Laughing and playing now that’s what I call a good time
Lastly, lands a day you could want to rewind.

Water Poem by Shannon (Year 5)

She has a rapid fall
Up the highest mountains and down again
As her water ripples about
Her water is coloured dull green
She is slimy and gloomy
Her scorching, blistering water flows
As it gets hotter and hotter in the roasting sun

Waterfall by Lauren (Year 5)

The swirling waterfall drops
Hitting the bumpy gleaming rock as it makes it’s way down the rocky stones
Hitting and clashing all day long
Splashing and gurgling
As the sun rise turns into sun set
As the night draws in and the waters calm down
The waterfall keeps on flowing
The vast waterfall never stops flowing
All day all night the amazing waterfall just keeps on going.

River Kenning by James (Year 5)

Roaring rapids
Waterfall gusher
Canal rusher
Reservoir refresher
River clearer
Freezing water
Side winder

Waterfalls by Lauryn (Year 4)

The flourishing fresh water was gleaming against the rocks
Dashing and twirling splashing through my fingers
Like small crystals
The kingfisher, blue waterfall gleamed
Like stones in the summer


The crisp water sparkles like a diamond

The Crocodile by Sebastian (Year 5)

The dangerous crocodile swam through the smelly swamp
Hunting for a strange animal to come in the water
Eagerly a zebra stepped into the water
Crocodile moved forward, and eventually dived onto the zebra and
…………….chew …………….chew

Crocodile chewed until the meat was no longer there
Round Crocodile now as big as an elephant
Over-weighted Crocodile was as weak as a fly
Crocodile took a rest and fell fast asleep
Down in the water crocodile slept
In the water but he did not it him
Lay in the still calm water, hippo woke up Crocodile
Excitingly Crocodile and Hippo played together

Water by Eve (Age 7)

Shiny waver
Deep splashers
Glistening shower
Calm flowers
Warm wavers
Cold salter
Gentle flower
Smooth runner
Sparkly gleamer
Deep washer
Flowing crusher
Relaxing gentler
Flood bringer

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