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I sit and look and look and see
The variance in reality
And think to myself how very strange
That each one can just rearrange
The words writ on the self same page 
With different outcomes cross the age
All coming from the self same core
Yet changing somewhat to ensure
That what I see with my own eyes
May to your view remain disguised
Yet that’s just what perception holds
For what you call rubbish, I may call gold

The Hand Of Hope

If hope came up and tapped you on
The shoulder would you see
The hand that you’d been offered to
Grab opportunity
Would you be so positioned to
Welcome her in to stay
And have your heart and have your mind
Open enough that day

Or would you be like a closed book
Unable to receive
Unable to make the most of
Her coming and perceive
The chances she was offering
The glimmer shining through
If hope held out her sanguine hand
And offered it to you

For in a corner of this globe
Some sadly miss her call
Not listen out nor recognise
Her presence when she falls
Right in their lap; stares in their face
Presents into their mind
And this is such a travesty
For to hope, they stay blind

So always be hope vigilant
And see the truth; behold
The work of her however slim
For like nuggets of gold
She’s constantly omnipresent
Each day and every night
Her hand held out to offer you
A share of her bright light


Happy Birthday NHS

Happy birthday NHS
For sixty seven years the best
Giving to each kind relief
When need arises; long or brief
With Healthcare offered free to all
To any person who may call
Alleviating pain and more
In a service for rich and poor

And now as we move on from here
Let’s uplift it and hold it dear
Respecting all who give their care
With gratitude that they are there
And pray that as the years unfold
This institution will grow old
To still serve you and still serve me
And last into eternity


The Storm (Haiku)

Dissension midst clouds
As storms rage overhead and
Rains pelt silver darts


Elderflowers (Haiku)

Elderflower blooms drip
Cordially from weighted boughs
Pressed for infusions


Let neither creed not colour be
A reason to divide
And neither let race segregate
Across the globe worldwide
But more so seek the common thread
Of love, of truth, of peace
To weave life’s richest tapestry
Complete without a crease

And join in pleasing harmony
That sings with one accord
That resonates diversity
Our differences applaud
Over counter objectives
Oust xenophobic view
Dispelling prejudice mindset
As unity shines through

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly imperfect
Is just the way to be
Despite the pressures every day
To be so perfectly
Flawless and faultless
So spot on
Against the human grain
That says “to err is human” so
Why do we even feign
To be perfection’s partner
To have, to look, to do
Excellence when that’s just a myth
That leaves us in a stew
For really striving at our best is
What it’s all about
And that’s the focus I would say
Is perfect to shout out!


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