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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly imperfect
Is just the way to be
Despite the pressures every day
To be so perfectly
Flawless and faultless
So spot on
Against the human grain
That says “to err is human” so
Why do we even feign
To be perfection’s partner
To have, to look, to do
Excellence when that’s just a myth
That leaves us in a stew
For really striving at our best is
What it’s all about
And that’s the focus I would say
Is perfect to shout out!


He met his Waterloo
Back in the throes of time
Stood on a muddy battlefield
In muck and mud and grime
Outnumbered by opposing flanks
Of troops determined to
Defeat him; wreck his advancement
His reign to then undo

Yet still today there are those men
And women who believe
They are supreme: cannot be beat
And seem to just perceive
That they are insurmountable
Above the law it’s true
But to them let them also meet
Their end; their Waterloo

And in the lives of each of us
Be sure to set great store
By truth, respect, integrity
With love and never war
To meet with peace in hearts and minds
With sensitivity
So that our Waterloos converge
With grace; humility

Noisy Neighbours

Oh be quiet noisy neighbours
With your racket late at night
And children screaming out so loud
In the light of moonlight
For you’re being such a nuisance
As we try to get to sleep
So hush now rowdy neighbours
And more sociable hours keep!!

For every night at midnight
We really do not care
For boozy brawls and hysterics
It simply isn’t fair
And though it might be summer
As the lighter hours increase
Consider those who’ve gone to bed
And keep the dratted peace!

Exam Nerves

If you could see my nerves
You’d see they were frayed
All jiggling and jangling
On this exam day
But then in an instance
I stop and I think
Why let such reaction
Put life on the brink
And breathe in all deeply
Smile broad and smile wide
And know that the best
Is already inside
In knots of my memory
In boxes and stores
So all I need now
Is a test that ensures
Those banks are tapped quickly
To leak out the stuff
I’ve learnt and remembered
And that’s good enough!

Cold Callers

Don’t get angry with cold callers
But instead put them on hold
With mute button depressed to see
How long they’ll stay so bold

And blabber forth their sales pitch
Into the open air
As then you don’t waste precious time
And show them you don’t care

For soon enough they’ll get it
And realise that in vain
They’ve pitched to the wrong person
And won’t bother you again!

Duck Face

You’re a chip off the old block
That much is very true
The best bits, of course, are me
And the bad? That’s down to you!

Yet when you gaze in the mirror
You’re just like Uncle bill
The chappie who lives down the street
But less said better still!

And as for all the other bits
Well that’s a stroke of luck
Though pull a pouty face and know
You get that from a duck!


Bigoted Boy

Bigoted boy
With your views all awry
No compassion nor care
So much hatred – I cry

So much venom in young blood
So much failure to see
The bigger picture in life
Lacking integrity

For your judgements disclose
Discrimination and more
Prejudice, contempt, meanness
A heart that is poor

That lacks real understanding
A spirit that’s broke
That’s cruel and unworthy
That throttles and chokes

That hurts the world and her people
For bigoted boy
Your tactics just stink
Don’t build up but destroy

For they damn any hope
Any truth; any love
And miss the altitudes view
When we look from above!

So take just a moment
To think if you will
To step back and consider
With less dogma still

And know that perfection
Just doesn’t exist
As your bigotry’s proved
Now ain’t that the twist!


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