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The Biscuit Barrel Battle

There’s a battle in the tin
It’s going down quite loud
With Bourbon shouting out a bit
Digestive feeling proud
And Custard Cream a ranting
Whilst Nice is holding back
Save Malted Milk being a cow
For Shortbread’s on his back!

But then along comes Gingernut
All hard and rather cold
Pushing his way throughout the tin
Cursing those wrapped in gold
And making fun of cookie
Who’s really lost the plot
As Cadbury’s fingers point and jeer
Rich Tea’s stolen his spot

Whilst Jammy Dodger’s on a run
To slip away quite quick
As Jaffa Cake is complaining
He feels a little sick
But ultimately Hobnob and
Wafer turn up and come
To see the mess that has been made
For now each biscuit’s crumbs!

English: Shortbread

English: Shortbread (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who You Are

It’s not what you accumulate
But who you might become
That makes the difference in this world
When all is said and done

For knowledge might well be surpassed
And things will vanish to
But who you are and how you are
Indelibly stay true

Inside Out

The outer cloak will never hide
What lies there deep beneath
The pearly whites will not disguise
All else bar rotting teeth
And gold and diamonds never mask
The lack of jewels within
Nor fast cars; flash technology
Show any depth past skin

For what you are will soon come out
Reveal your inner core
The rough or ugly and the truth
Past riches and front door
And then the trappings will become
Transparent and see through
To show up who you really are
The heart that makes up you

And in that day, will you stand proud?
Contented with what’s seen
Will you be thinking yes that’s good
Or feel a tad tad green?
Will you shy from the judgement hand
That adjudicates on high?
Or will you be feel that the truth is out
Curl up and want to die?



There’s a rustle down the garden
Beneath the fallen tree
A movement that is tantamount
To scare the socks off me

A thought that someone’s watching
From yonder gate near stones
A prick of conscious angst perhaps
That chills the blood and bones

Perception or a bad omen
In shadow of the moon
A person lurking, waiting to
Strike out; to hit real soon

A feeling that they’re watching
Just biding time until
They move when least expected
In stealth to make the kill

Whence then a shriek will pierce the air
And freeze you to the spot
The fright; the dread; the hopelessness
Where sweat beads cold not hot

And yet in truth there’s nothing
Less rampant fears in sight
The ramblings of a fractious mind
That spooks you out at night

Adrenaline Junkie

Adrenaline junkie
Always on the go
Addicted to the rush
Of never saying no
Extending the risk
Pushing further and more
Shooting up on adrenaline
Exhilaration galore
For fear that some downtime
Will limit the stress
Where in essence the fact is
That more should be less!

School Boys (Haiku)

Like flies round honey
School boys in black uniform
Hover over sweets


Goosebumps! Oh what funny things
That prickle on the skin
And turn up when the frost bites hard
Emotions impinge in
To give the look of gaggling goose
Even a porcupine
A reflex that says “Hey! Watch out”
“I really don’t feel fine”
“So back off or just go away
Or bring in warmer air
For til that time, I will react
With bumps and erect hair!



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