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Deadly Nightshade

Belladonna’s on the prowl
Dressed in mauve and in yellow
With black pearlescent beads
Draped and hanging very low

Enticing any stranger
To give a fatal kiss
To any who are so bewitched
And a little remiss

To partake of her offering
Eat from forbidden tree
As shade falls on this deadly night
Hers is the victory

Atropa belladonna or Atropa bella-donna, commo...

Atropa belladonna or Atropa bella-donna, commonly known as Belladonna, Devil’s Berries, Death Cherries or Deadly Nightshade (Solanaceae), Flower – makro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It became his obsession
His will; his desire
To visit, to ponder
To hop on the wire
And see what he could see
To gleam and to know
In case there was something
He missed; that might go
Past him without his
Awareness; his sight
It became his obsession
Day in and at night
To read all he could read
In case she revealed
A nugget about him
Put it out in the field
And blighted his name
Told the way that it is
The things that he’d done
The lies he had lived
So that someone may think
Less of him! Oh the fear
That after all of this time
After so many years
Exposure would come
And then come at a cost
For he wanted to win
But in his heart he had lost
For despite all the covers
The tracks he’d hid well
The threat was always
That she might just go tell
The truth and then out
In the open it’d be
And he would be damned
For eternity!


I had a dream where grass was green

And sky was always blue
Where lambs frolicked in spring decked fields
And peace was all on view
I had a dream where love survived
The heartache and the pain
Where shackles of my broken bones
Released; threw off the chains
I had a dream that justice lived
With truth and honesty
Where bully and abuser left
And only good reigned free
And then I ‘woke’ all stiff and cold
With hole shot through my head
I realised I was in my grave
Beat blue and left for dead
Yet with the resurrection might 
Those dreams of better days
Will lift me up and take me on
Right out of his harm’s way 

Free Once Again

Let the brume of oppression

The dark clouds go back
To the tree that lies cast
In oiled waters so black
Where the hated and venom
Are carried away
In a flight to an island 
A long way away
And the atmosphere clears
So that peace once more reigns
As the heavens breathe out
To live free once again 

Give Me Love Over Riches

Give me love over riches
Give me compassion too
Give me kindness and empathy
For the happier view

Give me laughter and sunshine
The smile from a child
Give me honesty, openness
Make me meek, make me mild

And the day will be mine
Cross the months and the years
Where with courage and grace
Blessings cross all frontiers.


Justice (Or The Lack Of It)

Justice has a new face
A face that makes one cry
That stifles truth and honesty
And makes the children cry
That leaves them feeling empty
That starves them; leaves them cold
That takes the clothes right off their back
Deprives them not of gold
But of a faith in reason
That adults really care
For justice gives the answer it’s
A real cruel world out there
And that those who are in power
Allow dishonesty
By letting off the bad in life
To hurt them constantly

The current legal system in the UK is failing our children allowing perpetrators to slip through the net despite behaviours that add up to neglect and abuse.  With the loss of legal aid, the government has left thousands without access to fair access in the court system and without the power to untangle the mesh of red tape and bureaucracy in the current system and the lexicon of legal speak, the said perpetrators are getting off scot free, walking away with smug contempt to continue their abusive and neglectful behaviours!  This is evidently called reform! What a mess!

Bring Light

Bright light from far horizon
Shine down on all things good
Smile at the hearts that imbue joy
Exactly as you should

And where some bring sheer darkness
Who fail to love and care
Beware of their dark spirit
Consuming with despair

And do not waste your radiance
Don’t be sucked in; snuffed out
Instead bring light to others who
Are worth it without doubt

There are days when you realise just how lucky you are to be surrounded by the light particularly when you come across the darkness.  The joy is to imbue and share that light with other like minded souls.


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