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Cat’s Eyes

Cats eyes gleaming in the night
Like beacons;
Bright palates of mystery
Beaming out of the umbra
Reflecting the moon’s silvered light
Seeking, preying, spying
Ready to elicit nocturnal energy
To stalk and to hunt
Under the cover of darkness
Until the sun rises
And those eyes close
Lost in a furry visage
That lies curled up
At rest for another day



Magnetic, resonating
Addictive, infectious gusto
Penetrating every bone
Seeping into every nook and cranny
Fervently eager
Passionately zealous
Abundant and energetic
Inspired, creative
Galvanizing the heart,
The mind
The spirit
With enthusiastic enthusiasm


What hides beneath that wretched skin
Sewn in unconscious thread
Affecting heart and mind and soul
That weighs heavy as lead

What conflict duels within unseen
N’er to see light of day
Stirring the bowel of discontent
In subjective array

What means are employed to relieve
The angst from such a fight
Defending mind from warring mire
Yet always out of sight

What veil, what fog, what miasma
Plays out subliminally
Within the core of every one
Within humanity?

Goodie Two Shoes

Don’t be a goodie two shoes
Who gets on people’s wicks
All prissy and so perfect which
In essence makes us sick
But be true to your own self
For that is just ok
No pretence and no masking
Of who you are each day


The Face Says It All

There is a face I used to see
Then soft in youthful glow
So full of smiles and happy cheer
That all wanted to know

But now as time has passed that face
Has wizened; grown so harsh
With spite set deep between the eyes
And mood sodden like marsh

Or swamp maybe that sags and hangs
That threatens to behold
In rolls of venoms wanton clasp
From lies that it has told

It scorns the path with ill intent
No mercy and no grace
Just anger, loss and life’s etchings
Scrawled deep into that face

And when I look my heart cries out
With sadness for the state
Of ugliness that’s taken grip
So much contempt and hate

And pray that as the years retreat
The visage will recall
Lost kindness, truth and better mood
For the face says it all

Dark Moods (Part III) – Anger (Haiku)

Anger scorching peace
Burning with intense fury
Convulsing with rage

To Be Or Not To Be

If it’s all about the doing
What you say, hear and see
How about a tad more of it
Being about the be

For ‘I am‘ is what’s important
To obtain consistency
A deeper self-awareness
That expresses you from me

As much as ‘you are‘ also
Unique in your own way
To find your inner sanctum
That’s ‘to be‘ day after day

And so in the midst of chaos
To be 
Is at the end the only thing
That will set each heart free


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