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Mind Over Matter

My back is sore; my bones all hurt
And strength is gone for sure
Yet somehow through the strife I drive
To settle the old score
The battle that rages right on
That sees which side will win
The body that wants to give up
Or head that won’t give in

For there beholds the fiercest fight
That goes on through the years
When physically one feels a wreck
Yet mentally appears
To not be in a  mood to quit
To say “Ok – I’m done”
For that would deem the will to loose
And body to have won

And so with grit and steadfastness
To bump heads in the fray
The mind determines with intent
To resist all the way
And not submit; capitulate
To body’s chitter-chatter
But carry on despite all that
And win mind over matter

mind over matter.jpg

The Fraudster

Oh so exasperated by
The things you claim to know
For you say you are an expert
Yet you’re just a so and so
Who makes quite wild assumptions
With no evidence or fact
No care for how your actions
Are received and their impact

For all your innuendo
Your charm is so so wrong
Just incorrect and out of date
But doubtless before long
We’ll see your truer colours
And understand that you
Are nothing more than pure hot air
Making quite a to do

Pretending all pretentiously
To be who you are not
So fake and phony, spurious
Who’s really lost the plot
So disappear! Be gone! Vanish!
Don’t dare darken our door
For you’re a fraudster, yes you are!
And that is certain sure!


There’s something unique about hormones
Those molecules we can’t control
That pace through our blood with a vengeance
Like marshals about on patrol
On missions to regulate systems
To alter; to change and effect
Chit-chatting ‘tween tissues and organs
Whilst keeping all else just in check
And whilst bringing about homeostasis
They pop up adapting the way
That we think, act and be; so hormonally
In a signal parade every day

Triiodothyronine, T 3

Triiodothyronine, T 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms
Life’s gentle tempo
Synchronising innately
Internal pulse on the go
Regulating organically
As zeitgebers unlock
The ways and behaviours
Modulating the clock
That ticks through each one of us
Entraining the way
To adjust biologically
To each night and each day

Some features of the human circadian (24-hour) biological clock

The List

Scrapping the to-do list
No space to write it all
Too much to do
Too little time
Could this be my downfall

Have taken on a workload
That’s bigger than just me
Must delegate
To get it done
Then breathe for cups of tea

Now where are the priorities
Which clamber to the top
Scrap this and that
And that and this
Then on my way I’ll hop

Yet still procrastinating
On how to get things done
Revert I think
Back to the list
And say goodbye to fun!



So cold
Like stone or maybe ice
And hard
Hard as rock
Frosted and distant
Replacing any warmth
That beat red blood through his veins

And eyes
Black coals of menace
That stare
Stare with hatred
Chilled and piercing
Bearing into her
Burning spite by virtue of his optical pathway

And hands
His weapon of destruction
That grip
Grip to suffocate
Taking her life
Throttling her will
Leaving her dead to him and the world

Embracing Second Chance

Do you honestly think I’d trust you
After all you did to me
Do you think I’d take the time to walk
Over that old territory

Do you think I’d want to talk to you
To hold your hand again
To give a little more of me
Or friendship even feign

Do you think I’d go over old ground
Or stop to say hello
To brush under the carpet tiles
All history in one go

For what is done and what is said
Is etched in heart; in mind
So don’t expect me to forget
How you were so unkind

But know that I am so resolved
To turn my back on you
For all you were must dissipate
Be washed out in the blue

Or would that be the murky grey
The pit of wanton lies
Whatever, now I won’t return
And let the past just die

Take lessons learned and not digress
Be firm with foothold sure
To never let you seep back in
Be true to me once more

And then I’ll look to see the sun
Feel warmth against my face
And live life as it should be lived
A second chance embrace


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