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Balderdash and bother
Expletives all the way
Some people drive you round this twist
Wreak havoc every day

But some are really genuine
And always wear a smile
Bringing the sunshine in life’s storm
Going the extra mile

So stretch and yawn; whatever
And seek these souls right out
For they’re the ones to hang out with
For certain; without doubt!

And try and be more like them
To look for good and see
The rainbow through the tempest gloom
With drops more joyfully!


Facebook Addiction

Facebook addiction
On it all day
Status updating
As hours drift away
Selfies and messages
Chats and much more
And so much allure

But in essence a habit
That takes up and consumes
Your time and your will
With no space to resume
A life off the network
Past fear that a hole
Wont open up; hook you
And coax and cajole

Then further activity
Enticing anew
More posts, likes and friending
So much still to do
Yet in a loop or a spiral
It sucks you right in
Grips you; holds you captive
You’ve lost and can’t win!


Facebook logo

Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Internet Troll

She follows incessantly
But never concedes
To be impressed or suggest that she
Likes what she sees
Yet daily she visits
And comes back for more
So if that’s not a stalker
Then I don’t know for sure
What else you would call her
Except maybe a pratt
For wasting her days
In some mind wasted vat
Of sheepish behaviour
That just has to check
What another is doing
Cos her own life’s a shipwreck
And so to abate it
And calm her own storm
She hides in the shadows
And lurks, as is her norm,
To pacify, comfort,
Convince and control
In the ways of the lost
As an internet troll


An agreement is an agreement
A treaty, pact and pledge
To fulfil and to honour
And to not sit on the hedge
But to discharge undertakings
With truth; integrity
So that trust is maintained between
All sides and all parties

For there is nothing greater
Than the word of any man
The bond that’s made in promises
That paves the way of ‘can’
That lights the path of truthfulness
And warms the heart all told
For words and wills so set in stone
Are worth their weight in gold


There’s something so terribly serious
About men and their facial attire
For the clues that are there
Can be seen by the hair
On their face; trimmed or left just like wire

For it’s said  by the best Pogonologists
Who study beards day in day out
That the clues in a beard
Should be oh so revered
For they help us to fathom men out

Hence stubbled or even clean shaven
Moustached or wearing side burns
Whether you like it or not
A beard says a lot
‘Bout the person each man is in turn!

So Men when you wake in the morning
Consider the look you impart
For full beard or goatee
Chinstrap, mutton chops, scruffy
You’ll be wearing a bit of your heart!

* Did you know that the study of beards actually has a name – Pogonology!!

English: A white man with a beard. Photo by KF

English: A white man with a beard. Photo by KF (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When forced to give up and give in
Capitulate; resign
Our deeds lose power, lose reason and
All sense, rhythm and rhyme

For when autonomy is stripped
And taken right away
The value’s lost in what we think
The things we do and say

Less we become a marionette
A puppet on a string
In the control; under the spell
Doing another’s thing

A product of non-entity
A straw man with no voice
Manipulated and reduced
To one who has no choice

And then meaning evaporates
Diminishes and goes
For all the puppet does is just
Put on another’s show

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/0a9/53619892/files/2015/01/img_6659.pngTerracotta Ancient Greek dolls. Exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Room 56. Picture by Giovanni Dall’Orto, November 11 2009.

Pinocchio’s Nose

Pinocchio’s nose
That was such a lie
An outright deception
Of the facts falsify

For sure a tall story
A whopper in fact
That’s derided the truth
With such heavy impact

Yet why not be honest?
Be above board and fair?
Why pretend that you’re someone
Who simply’s not there?

And say how it is
With openness true
For lies are for losers
And that really ain’t you!!!


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