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Bank Holiday

And true to form, Bank Holiday
Has come round once again
With torrents of the wet stuff that
We call torrential rain

For right on time, almost on cue
The downpour has arrived
As heavens open up and drop
Their payload from the skies

But that’s the way it always is
A soggy damp affair
So make the most and dance it in
Less complain ‘It’s not fair’

What is Integrity?

A teacher remarks to her class that they should ‘curl up and die’ if they don’t pass with full marks.  Meant as a joke a number of students take it literally but she fails to set the record straight because her ‘professional integrity’ may be brought into question. But doesn’t the bigger question beg what is integrity?

Is it a buzz word that flies about
Much like a wasp with meaningless intent
Flittering on the brink of twisted fate
Where outcome surpasses means
And excuses rectitude

Or more so a way of life
Subscribing to righteousness
Adhering to ethics
Upholding morality
Navigating goodness

For that is my kind of integrity
Bottled candour defining honesty
Facing the truth head on
With accountability and honour
Amidst a world of corruption

Back To School Traffic

Queues, cones and chaos
The three c’s of traffic jams
Holding up a journey
As roads are over crammed

Halting all the vehicles
In automated blocks
With tempers flaying frustrated
Losing minutes off the clock

But that’s the way it falters
In rush hours general rule
As infrastructure battles when
The kids go back to school


Blue Mind

Blue mind
Immersed in the moment
As waves crash onto the shore
Or roll in the deep
Navigating destiny
And anchoring the past with the present
In maritime bliss


What is it about the word splendid
So grand and just really so right
To conjure the sense of just perfect
Bringing wonder and supreme in sight
With lashings of resplendent magnificence
Outstanding, exquisite, divine
For splendid so splendidly matches
Splendiferous splendour sublime

The moment hope is ripped from the soul
When there is only the past and present
And the future dissipates
When fear grips your stomach
And your heart pounds like the battle drums
Signalling the war cry for life
As the fight to preserve it begins

What is Happiness (Haikus)

Happiness is not
Found in material wealth
But gold deep within

Neither is it sought
From beyond the window pane
But in the mirror

It’s not loud and brash
But abides in the still voice
Of each beating heart

Happiness is then
Contentment with self above
All other pleasure


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