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The Dressing Up Box

In the under stairs cupboard
In a chest made of wood
There are worlds to explore
Imagination’s goods

There’s a gateway to kingdoms
To be somebody new
A place that transforms me
From myself and you too

I can be a princess, a doctor,
A captain at the helm~
A goblin, a fireman,
A knight of the realm

A box that transports me
From here out to there
In an instant departing
Without any cares

A trunk that removes me
To lands far away
On adventures of make believe
In exploratory play

For this chasm in the closet
Is a portal; a door
That goes past the dressing up box
To just so – so much more

Sunday Morning (Haiku)

Sunday morning lie in

Dog yelps, kids scream, chaos ensues
Maybe next week then

Parenting’s Bitter Pill

They stand in the street bickering

Remonstrating with tetchy brats

Sit incommunicado in the coffee house 

With sleepy children

Nagging, moaning, exhausted

Tired of each other’s company

Yet unable to catch a break

Wishing bedtime would arrive quickly

Desperate for their own space

Yet constrained by duty

Arguing over tomorrow’s schedules

Swimming lesson agendas

And they call this the best time of their life

When the children are young

For how time will fly

And I think …. for their sakes

And maybe mine as well

Thank God!

White dress, gold dress, black dress, blue
Just goes to show so many views
Yet none are wrong and none are right
Cos with a little inner sight
The fact apparent seems to be
That each has subjectivity
That’s biologically hard wired
Where rods and cones get simply fired
Up in so many different ways
That all opinions have their day
And therefore it may be correct
To understand and not forget
That we are all a collective
With many varied perspectives



If at first you don’t succeed
Tumble down or trip
Be certain to get up again
Regain control of whip
To bounce back quite decisively
And once more grab the reigns
Determined that you won’t give up
But try and try again


Dashing through life
Willing the next
To be here much more quickly
So we don’t have to vex
Over time as it is
The moment right now
For we’re always a-wishing
To get through this somehow

First there was childhood
But we just couldn’t wait
To leap into adulthood
Find our soul mate
Then came along our children
A career and much more
But then we dreamed of retiring
Having more time for sure

So we wish away years
But somehow we forget
To savour each day
Leaving only regret
For once in retirement
The one wish we might pray
Is the wish that we’d not wished
Our life right away

So wish and aspire
Look forward and dream
But remember time’s short
And as cat with the cream
Just savour each moment
Don’t let days pass you by
Make the most of each moment, lest
You wish you had when you die!


Many apologies to all my readers for the very dodgy formatting the last two days.  I have been using the wordpress app which seems to have changed in the last 48 hours and just don’t get why it previews well, yet when I open later it looks terrible!

Anyway I’ll plough on and see if I can fix it.  Would be interested to know if anyone else is having similar difficulties.  In the meantime, the affected poems have been duly reformatted and hopefully read a lot better as a result.

Kind regards


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