Life is good! Life is inspirational!


Tonight in sight of shining moon
A broomstick passes by
With witch at helm and cat at rear
Up high in the night sky

And bat eclipses light from lamp
That lights the streets below
As shrieks in distance chill the air
And green fires gently glow

Where cauldrons simmer on such flames
Awaiting tails of rats
And spiders webs and eye of frog
Mix with the blood of gnat

Whilst on the heath a coven meets
To chant new spells again
As deep in pagan underworld
They celebrate Samhain

Chocolate cake, you luscious beast
Upon your joy may we now feast
For sweeter savour on our lips
Forgetting toll that lands on hips
Instead enjoying every taste
By taking time; no race; no haste
Devouring every bit to find
Perfections thoughts; contented mind


So cold
Like stone or maybe ice
And hard
Hard as rock
Frosted and distant
Replacing any warmth
That beat red blood through his veins

And eyes
Black coals of menace
That stare
Stare with hatred
Chilled and piercing
Bearing into her
Burning spite by virtue of his optical pathway

And hands
His weapon of destruction
That grip
Grip to suffocate
Taking her life
Throttling her will
Leaving her dead to him and the world

Silver Greys

Hair; whitening over time
Losing colour as the tints imbue inward
Into the soul; the spirit; the heart
Painting a picture of life
With the tonal brushes of history
In blends of black, brown, blond and red
Revealing the spectral panorama
That stretches out across a lifetime
Rich in unique yet poignant threads
The masterpiece behind the silver greys


Embracing Second Chance

Do you honestly think I’d trust you
After all you did to me
Do you think I’d take the time to walk
Over that old territory

Do you think I’d want to talk to you
To hold your hand again
To give a little more of me
Or friendship even feign

Do you think I’d go over old ground
Or stop to say hello
To brush under the carpet tiles
All history in one go

For what is done and what is said
Is etched in heart; in mind
So don’t expect me to forget
How you were so unkind

But know that I am so resolved
To turn my back on you
For all you were must dissipate
Be washed out in the blue

Or would that be the murky grey
The pit of wanton lies
Whatever, now I won’t return
And let the past just die

Take lessons learned and not digress
Be firm with foothold sure
To never let you seep back in
Be true to me once more

And then I’ll look to see the sun
Feel warmth against my face
And live life as it should be lived
A second chance embrace


Time the fourth dimension
That gets us through each day
Ticking by second, minute, hour
To take us on our way

From past to present, future
It goes continually
From then, to now and onwards still
Into eternity

A measure of duration and
The gaps that fall between
Observed by calendar and clock
Yet never ever seen

And so by temporal measurement
Yet seldom just defined
Time walks its passage through our lives
And cannot be confined



I bear some heavy baggage
A load you well might say
Like tortoise with a shell on back
To go from day to day

And yet it’s not so weighty
As it is part of me
Amassed in all those ups and downs
As part of history

A bag with sturdy handle
And wheels that roll so smooth
As time has given it the chance
To fit into my groove

And so this heavy luggage
Is friend now over foe
To carry down life’s winding path
Whilst going with the flow


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