Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Anger scorching peace
Burning with intense fury
Convulsing with rage

I think I’ll visit Hull
Why? I really do not know
A place across The Humber bridge
And somewhere just to go
For a day out to wander
And see what I can see
Up in the north on Yorkshire’s soil
Across from old Grimsby

For someone’s got to go there
And so I have been told
That there’s a cultural paradise
Awaiting to unfold
Before the eyes they reckon
Surprises all in store
With tales of cream phone boxes
And docks by the seashore

So Hull – you are my destiny
Well for one day at least
A little trip to pasture’s new
And hopefully a feast
Of unexpected pleasantries
To leave me feeling blessed
A reward for taking the time
To fly there from my nest


The Humber Bridge ©BenDJ Photography 2013 Used with thanks

Isn’t it odd how
Those who hate hotly
Even heckle
Those who they harbour
Hostile feelings for!

Yet hatred they say
Hints of love
Nay hungering after
Him or her
Less the harmony
But still as heated in its heart!

When I see the ill effects of dark moods playing out in another’s life it makes me sad – doesn’t it you?  It seems such a waste of a life spent subscribing to emotions, sometimes for years, which may help in the short term (very short term) in an adaptive role but serve little long term end.  There is so much else to enjoy in life and with so much research out there now to show the damaging effects of these long-term moods, please, if this resonates with you, ask for help to see the sunnier side of life. This then is part one of three short observations on our darker moods – bitterness, hate and anger.  Will try and redress the balance with some jollity later :)

The piranha of emotion
Consuming the soul
In a melee of malevolence
And ruckus of resentment
Eroding concord with dissonance
As tears cascade from the heart
In fountains of despondency
Such a waste of life!

To Be Or Not To Be

If it’s all about the doing
What you say, hear and see
How about a tad more of it
Being about the be

For ‘I am‘ is what’s important
To obtain consistency
A deeper self-awareness
That expresses you from me

As much as ‘you are‘ also
Unique in your own way
To find your inner sanctum
That’s ‘to be‘ day after day

And so in the midst of chaos
To be 
Is at the end the only thing
That will set each heart free

Patience Is A Virtue

If patience is a virtue
Then impatience is a vice
Like eating fruit that isn’t ripe
And really isn’t nice

So if you make assumptions
Because you cannot wait
Then what a fool you will appear
And that will be your fate!


I swear you do it to annoy
To treat me like I am your toy
As you zigzag in front of me
With backward glance that says “he he”

Or when I’m lying on a bed
Come play with toes ‘til they bleed red
Believing they are prey for you
To tantalize out of the blue

Or even when you’ve not intent
To go outside, with no relent
You meow by the door to say
I need to smell the air today

Less if the laptop’s left on view
You think “hey great” with no thank you
And sit upon the keyboard till
All wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooork is wrecked! That is your thrill!

But worst of all, and this is bad
You pull those eyes that say you’re sad
That plead such innocence in spite
Of thinking that you’re always right!



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